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1. Blue Ocean worship

Blue Ocean Worship

We know that worship and intercession are powerful weapons against strategies of Satan. Blue Ocean Worship is a weekly gathering of young adults of all nations where we worship God in spirit and in truth, our hearts renewed and lives changed through the word of God, and share fellowship in Christ with each other.

Cell Meetings

Small groups are a wonderful place to share fellowship, pray for one another, and learn about Jesus. Blue Ocean Cells (it is a biological term) are organically and actively meeting to deepen the relationship with God and each other. Contact us to join one of our amazing cells.

2. All Nations Church

Sunday Service

All Nations Church’s Sunday worship service is a place of restoration and celebration. We are being restored by the grace of God and we celebrate Him as his worshipers. Come and worship with us at All Nations Church Sunday Service.

Group Bible Study

With the knowledge of God our faith grows, and studying the Word of God is our absolute priority. Our Group Bible Study encourages each member to actively engage into the Word of God. Contact us to join our amazing Group Bible Study

3. School of Discipleship

In partnership with GDEW (Grace Disciples Evangelizing the World), Blue Ocean offers systematic discipleship training that includes lectures and small group meetings so that Christians can spiritually develop to be “mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ” (Eph. 4:13, NLT).

4. Global Mission Network

Blue Ocean Movement has an active global networking with countries including Cambodia, South Africa and Kyrgyzstan, where college students and young adults are able to participate in short-term mission trips to these countries during the summer of every year.

God has promised to make the nations our heritage and our possession to be reaching the ends of the earth (Psalm 2:8). Holding onto His promise, we can boldly reach out to the nations and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and bring every lost soul back to the Father.