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From 1975 to 1979, the Cambodian people experienced brutal suffering under the Khmer Rouge, a communist group led by a man named Pol Pot. During those five years, more than three million Cambodians were murdered or died of starvation and disease; all of the nation’s infrastructure was destroyed and intelligent minds were wiped out, which has caused significant difficulty in national recovery to this day.

Cambodia is a country where more than 95% of the population believes in Buddhism. Evangelical Christians in Cambodia account for less than only 2% of the population; more than 75% of Cambodia is considered unreached, and Islam is growing rapidly throughout the country.

Blue Ocean Movement has been actively participating in international missions with prayer and financial support. Since 2013, Blue Ocean has been sending short-term mission teams to Cambodia to serve various ministries in collaboration with local missionaries in Phnom Penh and other cities across the country. The mission teams have helped with Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Relief Ministry, working with underprivileged populations and sharing the Gospel to the unreached. Currently, overseas missionary work is being conducted online and offline in collaboration with the Green Bethel Community, an evangelical Christian organization supporting the residents of the Dangkao landfill in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Green Bethel Community

The Green Bethel Community is a Christian organization founded to help the underprivileged population living in landfill. The Dangkao landfill is located only 15 kilometers from downtown Phnom Penh. The landfill, which was built in late 2009, receives approximately 4,000 tons of waste (400 trucks full) from all across Phnom Penh daily. About 500 households and 2,000 residents live in the villages around the landfill. Without proper education, medical care, or public health support, the residents are living in extremely poor conditions, and the whole family picks up garbage to make a living every day.

With the official approval of operation from Phnom Penh City Hall in 2015, the Green Bethel Community began their ministry with washing, dressing, and feeding young children at the Dangkao landfill, and set up tents in the landfill to operate mobile classrooms for the children and youth. With NGO registration in 2018, the Green Bethel Community built a church right next to the landfill, followed by a kindergarten, elementary school, and youth ministry, as well as a medical center to provide relief and medical services to the residents.

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